Fiorentina in conference league, but Vincenzo Italiano has a note

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Satisfaction is there, but there is no shortage of ear-piercing to his own.

Fiorentina back in Europe, in the Conference League to be exact, after the 0-0 against Twente enough to get through the playoffs and hit the group stage. Great news for the whole purple environment and for coach Vincenzo Italiano, who, however, had something to say to his players after the match.

“We had several balls to score, finding ourselves comfortably in front of the goalkeeper. These are balls to put in, and this is a flaw we need to improve on. And if Terracciano had not made that miraculous save we would have found ourselves in overtime in a numerical inferiority,” Italiano noted to the microphones of ‘Sky Sport’.

The most important aspect, however, is his Fiorentina’s qualification. “We passed, we accomplished our mission with some suffering and a bit of madness. Certainly we faced Twente, which was one of the strongest opponents that could have come our way. So it was not easy to pass, and I’m happy for how we fought and for this qualification that we can give to our fans,” Italiano added.

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