F1, Spa handicap for Max Verstappen as well? The indiscretion from the Netherlands

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Not only for Ferrari, but also for Red Bull there will be no shortage of problems at Spa.

Max Verstappen could start from afar at Spa in the Belgian Grand Prix to be held next Sunday. If Charles Leclerc already knows that his Ferrari will serve a penalty for changing a part of the power unit, in fact, a similar decision could also come at Red Bull.

Anticipating this are the Dutch of ‘De Telegraaf,’ according to which just in Belgium Red Bull will opt to replace the gearbox and power unit of Max Verstappen. The reasons for the choice just this weekend stems from the characteristics of the Spa track: according to the newspaper, in fact, the world champion could remount more easily at Spa than on other tracks scheduled later in the year on the calendar.

That’s not all, because around the Belgian Grand Prix there are also several doubts related to the weather. A race in the rain, or with variable conditions, would further shuffle the cards by facilitating a Verstappen back on the grid. The early replacement of mechanical components, moreover, would give Red Bull a “bonus” that could come in handy in the continuation of the championship.

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