Fiorentina finds Europe again: it’s in the Conference League rounds

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Vincenzo Italiano’s Fiorentina returns to Europe

After six years of waiting, Fiorentina returns to a European competition: it will take part in the Conference League rounds.

The Vincenzo Italiano-led team, after their 2-1 home success at the Franchi, managed to snatch a very important 0-0 draw on the field of Dutch Twente, who, despite a strong-willed match, were unable to overcome the lily-livered defense and, above all, the purple extreme defender pietro Terracciano.

Fiorentina also did not lack chances to win the match, on all of them a post hit by Mandragora in a reverse kick, but the Tuscans did not manage to close the qualification talk before the triple whistle.

The last minutes were tense, accomplice to the expulsion of defender Igor and the miracle of the aforementioned Terracciano, who repelled the last hopes of extra time of the Dutch.

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