Jannik Sinner, the very first coach: “It’s different from before.”

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Sinner’s first coach Heribert Mayr: “He’s meaner, more determined. I was skeptical after the farewell to Piatti but he was right.”

Jannik Sinner’s very first coach, Heribert Mayr, in an interview with Corriere del Veneto spoke about the growth of the South Tyrolean tennis player who has grown both technically and in attitude: “Today technically he varies a lot, he has improved in net runs, he makes short balls, he serves better thanks to the revised body posture with Vagnozzi. As a kid with me at the net he would go there, he is a born attacker, then at the highest level it is not easy to replicate what one does as a kid. But he is someone who from the back pushes and opens up the court, it’s natural for him to be able to think about closing the exchange even with the volley.”

Mentally, too, Sinner is different from before: “Jannik is meaner now, more determined. The architect I think is the new Australian supercoach Darren Cahill. I don’t know what he has told him, but since Wimbledon he is a different Sinner. Although there’s a lot left of him as a kid; the politeness, the respect, the simplicity, that hasn’t changed. He doesn’t hold back, that’s it. On Piatti’s farewell I was skeptical, I thought Jannik would have to wait a little longer, but he was right.”

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