F1, Gian Carlo Minardi warns Ferrari: “Must be careful”

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F1, Gian Carlo Minardi warns Ferrari: “Must be careful”

Analyzing the Belgian Grand Prix, Gian Carlo Minardi had this to say about Ferrari: “It greeted Spa-Francorchamps with the podium, thanks to Carlos Sainz’s third place, but paying an important gap exceeding 5dec per lap. The Spaniard maximized the material, while once again Charles Leclerc had to deal with bad luck. The tear-off visor (apparently the Dutchman’s own) got stuck in the brake socket overheating and damaging the sensors, which led to the error in limiter management that cost the Monegasque a 5” penalty. Honestly, I would not have risked the two now safe points to try to grab the additional point of the fastest lap. Every pit stop is high risk. On Sunday the choice didn’t pay off, but it’s part of the choices you have to make during a race.”

For Minardi, the Maranello team should watch its back: “Step forward by Mercedes. As expected, Toto Wolff’s team benefited from the rule change and moved only 41 lengths behind Ferrari, which confirms second place behind Red Bull, but must be careful.”

“Now two more tough grand prix await us: the Netherlands and the Italian GP. For the show, I hope it was only an unfortunate episode for Ferrari, although the signs we have seen are unfortunately not positive,” he concluded.

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