Will Power, provocation for Max Verstappen

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Will Power’s words

Will Power, Indycar veteran, to the microphones of NBC Sports did not mince words: “I race in the toughest category in the world, and people need to know that. Formula 1 is a joke as far as the competition is concerned, but not as far as the drivers are concerned, because these drivers are amazing. I feel sorry for them that they can’t feel the satisfaction we feel with our racing, because this is the highest level of open-wheel motorsport.”

“I think Formula 1 would be much better if it was a category like IndyCar. I like the technology, I think it’s great, but as a spectator how great would it be if everyone had a Red Bull? You just know Verstappen is going to win every race unless something goes wrong. Imagine being a guy who comes in as a rookie and could probably win a race. That would be really nice to see, but you know it’s never going to happen with the politics around.”

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