Manchester City-Inter, Javier Zanetti crosses his fingers

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The words of Javier Zanetti

Javier Zanetti spoke to Corriere della Sera just a few days before the Champions League final scheduled for June 10 in Istanbul between Manchester City and Inter Milan, reviewing his life: “The leader must set an example, the secret is all here, on the field or in a restaurant. Only deeds count. You cannot preach a sense of duty and show up to work last. Of course you have to pick the right people, create a cohesive group, a great team. I would say I have succeeded.”

“What is special about my adopted city? It is a city that has grown so much since I came here to play in 1995. I live in Como, but I love Milan, it makes me feel alive. Walking between Duomo, La Scala, San Babila I feel the adrenaline, like when the team scores a goal. I decided to invest in the restaurant business because I was missing, until a few years ago, the smell of roasted meat that in Buenos Aires you smell on every corner. So I started with El Gaucho, a place for Argentines, our headquarters where we could get together with friends. Then came El Botinero and, for the past few weeks, El Patio del Gaucho, decentralized, in a very nice location, formed by many terraces. I like to see people having fun in my venues, non-formal places, lively little pieces of Argentina.”

“Catering as an aid to the Pupi Foundation? Definitely, with dinners and parties in our restaurants we raise funds to give to the most fragile. Focus the children in need, the weakest. They are our future. I want to help them realize their dreams. I too had one and fortunately I was able to realize it,” he concluded. “With the Pupi Foundation we are making our contribution, but I believe that the immense power of the sport could do more for young people. Projects should be multiplied all over the world to educate new generations in more honest soccer. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Still here, doing my job, between soccer, restaurants and social work. I don’t see why I should change my perspective. Inter Milan? Inter for me is like a family. Haven’t we talked about meat? Well, I’ll tell you, we often have barbecues all together. But now, fingers crossed.”

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