MotoGp, Bastianini displaced: “It was a blow for me.”

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MotoGp, Bastianini displaced: “It was a blow for me.”

In free practice in Misano Bastianini finished ahead of everyone: “I’m happy with the result, to be in front already on Friday means to have improved in a phase that seemed a bit critical. With Bagnaia we helped each other, in fact it was more him who helped me: in my flying lap I caught the yellow flag, I slowed down and put myself behind Pecco, having a reference in front helps, we were fast and this is the fundamental thing.”

The centaur then commented thus on Giribuola’s move to KTM from 2023: “It was definitely a blow for me, I didn’t expect him to leave, but I accepted it. I understand both sides, we will still move forward. I’m sure Ducati will provide me with a very good and competent person, so I’m quite calm about my future. I feel sorry for Giribuola, we work very well together, but there are some things that don’t depend on me that will bring him to KTM.”

Bastianini then looked back, “The choice between me and Jorge, I don’t think it affected more than that. It created some confusion off the track, there was a lot of talk about this media battle between me and Martin, but it was more about technical problems. I lost confidence, I got too tired, I had too many expectations, I tried in the second half of the season to reset, start from scratch, focus on riding and having fun, it’s fundamental in this sport: from now on everything will run a little smoother.”

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