Pecco Bagnaia, what an anticipation of Valentino Rossi

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Ducati centaur Bagnaia before the Misano race: “Valentino Rossi will send me many voice messages…”

Ducati centaur Pecco Bagnaia in an interview with Repubblica took stock of his excellent moment in MotoGp (he comes from three wins in a row): “I’m enjoying this moment: 5 wins in the championship. But beware of making comparisons with Casey Stoner or Valentino Rossi: those are legends, I have done some good things however I have just started. So I think about the race to come, I just focus on that. Misano is a good opportunity, two weeks after Aragon is a circuit that I like a lot. Then comes Japan, another interesting opportunity….”

On possible “team play” at Ducati: “I don’t care if they said something to the other Ducatistas, in their place it would have bothered me. I don’t think I need help: the results say that, and then there are other Ducati riders fighting for the title.”

Mentor Valentino Rossi, also from Hockenheim where he is busy with the GT3, will also help him this weekend: “In my opinion he will go very strong, because that is a track more similar to ours. I’m sorry he’s not here, but I know he will send me a lot of voicemails. Very important, especially from a mental point of view. Even if I don’t always follow his advice….”

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