Matteo Berrettini no-nonsense on Novak Djokovic: “Sorry but…”

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Matteo Berrettini on Novak Djokovic’s new exclusion: “Respect for rules is the basis of democracy.”

Matteo Berrettini in an interview with La Stampa spoke out on the new exclusion of Novak Djokovic, who missed the entire part of the season in NorthAmerica (and the Us Open) due to anti Covid rules: “It’s hard to think of preventing someone from playing, though, there are rules. It wouldn’t be fair to exempt someone just because they are famous-those are the basics of democracy. Having said that I, like everyone else, regret that Novak is not here, it would have been a better tournament with him,” said the Roman, who was forced to skip Wimbledon after testing positive for the virus.

On the Turin Finals goal: “It’s not an easy thing. In 2021 with the injury in the first match in Turin I did not enjoy it, this year for one reason or another I am behind. There are many tournaments to recover, though. Let’s see how it goes here, then we’ll think about it. Sinner? In Montreal we went to dinner together, we have a very good relationship. He didn’t have an easy year either. We told each other that after the UsOpen we have to think well about Davis, with the right spirit, because it will be important.”

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