Mats Wilander has no more doubts about Jannik Sinner

©Getty Images

“These days I have become convinced about the excellent direction Jannik Sinner’s career is taking.”

Former Swedish tennis player Mats Wilander made a prediction about the match between Jannik Sinner and Brandon Nakashima: “Tough match for sure for Jannik-the words reported by Ubitennis. Nakashima is the same age as Sinner more or less. Brandon has come out and met the high American expectations looking for a new promise. He is getting better and better and working really hard. He is very serious on the court: smart kid, smart player.”

“It is possible that Sinner is making things faster, hitting the ball a little earlier than usual and a little cleaner than usual. I think Jannik needs to vary a little more than his standard, maybe intensifying his runs to the net, trying not to give Nakashima too much pace. They are both great hitters who can move very well.”

Although he has not particularly excelled in recent outings, Wilander is confident that the South Tyrolean his on the right track: “Sinner has more room to grow and more chances to explode. These days I have become convinced of the excellent direction his career is taking.”

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