MotoGp, Dovizioso: “Valentino Rossi was right.”

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Yamaha centaur Dovizioso on parting step: “I had the same problem as Valentino Rossi, zero grip behind.”

Andrea Dovizioso on the farewell step with MotoGp. In an interview with Sky, the rider from Forlì explained the problems that did not make him perform at his best in Yamaha, citing Valentino Rossi: “I was not in Yamaha before last year, but Valentino Rossi made me understand that there was the same characteristic that I found … that is, one way of riding: zero grip behind. You can go fast easily, but you go pretty slow if you have another riding style. But Valentino and I don’t have a ‘strange’ way of riding, and if you can’t go fast it’s because of a characteristic, a big one, that prevents you from doing so. Instead, if you can take advantage of the real positives of the bike, you win the championship like Fabio did.”

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In Misano the last race in MotoGp, the mood is positive: “I am serene. Because I already semi experienced it last year this feeling and this decision was not made yesterday. I’ve metabolized it, but it’s a special weekend … because everyone you meet points it out. Then, you know, in Misano — here I raced the first race of my long career. I reflected on the fact that I’m not having fun, I’m not bringing a real advantage to anyone. Also, I have a good relationship with Yamaha, with the main sponsor, we talked and there was no problem.”

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