Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia testy about team games

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Pecco Bagnaia on other Ducati riders’ possible favors: ‘I don’t need or want them’

Pecco Bagnaia commented with some annoyance on the subject of team games among Ducati riders to allow him to get closer to Fabio Quartararo: “There is no need for team games, nor do I want any. If I can win, I want to do it by me, not because someone has allowed himself to be overtaken,” are the words to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Maybe at the last race of the year, if I need help it will be welcome. But at this moment it’s right for everyone to do their own race.”

With Bastianini it was a fierce duel until the last corners at Misano: next year he will be his teammate. “It will be tough. However, as it was with Jack, if we can do a great job in the pits, then in the race we will have several times the chance to do first and second… I think he will become a great opponent, like Jack.”

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