Ducati, Pecco Bagnaia knows where to improve again

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Bagnaia finished behind Quartararo, time-wise, the Misano tests

It was a productive two days of testing for Pecco Bagnaia, who said he was as satisfied with his Ducati in terms of both riding and overall times: the Piedmontese rider ended the two-day MotoGp test at Misano with the second fastest time overall, behind only Fabio Quartararo, who set the track record riding the Yamaha.

And it is precisely the comparison between the Desmosedici and the Iwata company’s bike in the main point of Bagnaia’s words to ‘motorsport.com’: “We are working in the opposite direction than the Yamaha. We need to work more on the pace and on closing the corners better. We are doing a good job, compared to last year we lost some top speed but the pace is better. The direction we are moving on still needs to be that.”

“Right now,” Pecco added, “we are working on the chassis and on trying to get a better feeling with the bike. From the outside it may look like our bike is perfect, but when it comes to closing the corner we still lose to the Yamaha. We need to have more agility and stability: top speed matters, but up to a certain point.”

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