Kioene Padua, Desmet recounts first impact

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Desmet recounts the first impact

Mathijs Desmet, Belgian dunker, is preparing with his new teammates to measure himself in the SuperLega and told how he is experiencing his first days in Padua: “I preface that I like Italy very much, I have been there several times on vacation and with the national team between Calabria, Tuscany and Rome. I found a nice environment and I was very well received by everyone.”

In love with Italy and already with a good knowledge of our language: “I have been studying Italian for 4 months with the help of some apps and books. For now I understand it quite well, to speak it I still have some difficulties but I want to get to know it perfectly.”

“Training is very hard, but I like it that way and I think it’s fair that a young player like me has to work hard. It’s what I wanted when I decided to come here and I can’t wait for the season to start.”

“I’ve already started to get to know the city,” Mathijs continues, “I’ve been to downtown Padua, but also to visit Vicenza. Then I couldn’t miss some outings to eat pizza, which is actually definitely better here than in Belgium.”

The bianconero newcomer also reveals a backstory about the number he chose, 15: “My father when he played volleyball had the 5, I often used the 10, which, however, was occupied here. I decided to add up the two numbers and choose 15, hoping it will be a good omen throughout the season.”

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