John Stroppa goes on the counterattack

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Monza is looking for its first points in Serie A

Despite the deficit roster (five matches and as many defeats, the first point in A has yet to come), Monza is looking ahead to Sunday’s match at the Via del Mare against Lecce with the confidence and charge of its coach, Giovanni Stroppa, who in the press conference presenting the match took a few pebbles off his shoe.

After thanking the club for the support despite the zero in the standings, Stroppa ‘chastised’ the critics: “I’m sorry that I have already been questioned after only one game,” he said. “Starting this championship we knew what we were up against in terms of the market, on the choice of individuals. Having said that at the first negative situation it went the way it did, but I can’t do anything about it. I know very well what I’m giving for this team and I’m moving forward.”

“The company is just carrying on a certain type of discourse,” Stroppa added. “I think in a concrete way they are doing the right thing, we are all working to our best. What is missing at Monza? I could say little, we should score goals and not take them so lightly.”

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