Ibrahimovic in charge: first meeting with Pioli and the team. How it went

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Ibrahimovic in charge: first meeting with Pioli and the team. How è went

Zlatan Ibrahimovic è returned to Milanello, for the first time in the role of manager. The former Swedish striker finally met Stefano Pioli and the Rossoneri team after last week&#39s stop due to flu: Ibra showed up at 10 a.m. and watched from the sidelines the training session, in the company of Moncada.

The former player è remained five hours in Milanello, spoke first with Stefano Pioli and then greeted the whole team, explaining in the locker room his new role as adviser and point of reference. Ibrahimovic è chatted with all the employees at Milanello, without giving motivational speeches but aiming straight at practical things, Sky reports.

Ibrahimovic will be present at all matches and will travel to Milanello often: the Swede will be in the stands in Salerno for his first match as a manager. Ibrahimovic has signed a Senior Advisor contract with RedBird and will have an "active role in sports and commercial" operations, and will also be in charge of "player development and training for high performance".

The ownerà hopes that his return will provide the shake-up the environment needs: the ultimate goal remains qualification for the next Champions League, and thus a top four finish in Serie A.

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