Marco Giampaolo is a rage against the referee

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Marco Giampaolo is a rage against the referee

Marco Giampaolo did not digest the defeat against Milan. Sampdoria fought tooth and nail but the Rossoneri came out on top: “Milan put everyone in trouble. On the face of it Samp played a very good game. We give them credit to Milan. It’s a game lost clumsily, after the expulsion we were in full control. A ball thrown there and it’s penalty kick,” said the blucerchiati’s helmsman in a press conference.

“I didn’t like the refereeing, even with a sense of defiance and when you do that, tempers get hot. Beyond the values of Milan and what it represents. My expulsion is fair for protests because of what the refereeing direction was. Milan takes what it has to take. There is no need.”

“Was that a penalty for Milan? Now if you move a leaf in the area everything is more complicated. Is the caution at the end to Leris fair? No. If you don’t put your hands, how do you protect the ball? There were three games: ours, Milan’s and the referee’s. And judge them. We don’t want to be victims. I judge the referee’s direction from the sending off on. I respect the refereeing class. The society plays the society I play the coach.”

“We could have had a better inertia in that part of the second half. We tried to play and make an extra pass, in the situations in the middle I think we could have done better. Samp did the best they could do in the face of a team that knows how to manage moments,” Giampaolo concluded.

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