F1, Ferrari competitive again at Monza: the news on the bottom

©Getty Images

A pole position and a return to competitiveness behind which is an important technical innovation.

Charles Leclerc first on the grid at Monza and Carlos Sainz very competitive already from the free practice of the Italian Grand Prix. In short, a Ferrari strong again right at the home round of the Formula 1 world championship, with a clear explanation: the replacement of the bottom of the F1-75.

The Ferrari’s bottom had in fact been replaced at the French Grand Prix in Le Castellet, from where Leclerc and Sainz had begun to complain of some balancing problems. Well, at Monza it was decided to mount the previous configuration again, with already extremely positive results.”

“The car had complained of poor balance due to the aerodynamic upgrades. For us it was a question mark, then we carried out tests on Friday to collect data that will help us find a definitive explanation as to what happened,” explained Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto, addressing the topic of the bottom of the Cavallino’s single-seater.

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