F1 Red Bull, Chris Horner sneers at Toto Wolff: “For the next 8 years…”

©Getty Images

Red Bull team principal Horner on a high after the Monza Grand Prix

It was a particularly upbeat Chris Horner who appeared in the press room after Max Verstappen’s stunning victory at Monza. Red Bull also confirmed its absolute supremacy at the Autodromo: “I think the team was really top notch today. The championship situation is good, but nothing is over until it’s over. Singapore? It’s a different challenge, Ferrari will be strong but this Max…”

Horner does not spare a dig at his longtime rival, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff: “We have opened an era and can we match Mercedes? I would love to hurt Toto for the next eight years … but I think it’s unlikely.”

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