Toto Wolff this time defends Fia by recalling Abu Dhabi

©Getty Images

Toto Wolff’s words

Toto Wolff, who has not forgotten last season’s epilogue, stands with the FIA this time.

“The Federation did everything right and what was seen in the last laps at Monza is what the rules say. I’ve heard a lot of talk, but these are the rules. You cannot think of improvising as happened in Abu Dhabi last year for the show. I was also sorry that the race ended like that, but if the rules say certain things you follow them and you can’t suddenly change them because we don’t like them very much.”

“There were no conditions for the red flag to come into effect because no one was hurt and there was no accident on the track with damage on the circuit. There was simply a stationary car,” the Mercedes Team Principal concluded.

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