Rumors denied: Juventus-Salernitana will not be replayed

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Juventus-Salernitana will not be replayed

Juventus-Salernitana, which ended 2-2 on the pitch, will not be replayed. It will not be replayed despite VAR’s failure to detect Antonio Candreva’s position. The Campania midfielder, among other former Bianconeri, was holding Leonardo Bonucci in the game on the occasion of the goal disallowed to Arek Milik by referee Matteo Marcenaro. The Genoese whistle blower, who made his debut in Serie B just over a year ago (and in A not even a year ago), but who is evidently highly regarded by refereeing managers, had been called upon by the very VAR to assess the Viterbo defender’s position.

The IFAB protocol leaves no room for interpretation: ‘No malfunction or error at VAR can be considered a technical error and lead to the cancellation of a match,’ it reads there.

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