F1: Sebastian Vettel, heavy words against Sergio Mattarella

©Getty Images

Former Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel attacked the performance of the Tricolour Arrows

Harsh attack by former Ferrari driver, now at Aston Martin, Sebastian Vettel against Sergio Mattarella and the exhibition of the Frecce Tricolori, passed over the Autodromo before the Italian GP in Monza. The German driver, who has always been sensitive to environmental issues, issued some heavy words against the president of the Republic: “I heard that the president insisted on having the flying passage. I mean, he is almost 100 years old, maybe it is difficult for him to give up these things related to egocentrism,” are the statements reported by Racefans.

“The flyovers were promised to us that they would go away and it would seem that the president had to change his mind and Formula 1 allowed it despite the announcements around the track about certain goals with regard to making the world a better place. If you have a goal, you should not do as all countries do and not care that you will not achieve it. You should keep your word. Time will tell.”

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