Fiorentina, Luka Jovic stalls but makes a promise

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“When one comes from Real Madrid, expectations are high,” Jovic said.

Fiorentina striker Luka Jovic, who was bought in the summer from European champions Real Madrid, was interviewed by the Serbian portal ‘Informer’ about the beginning of his adventure in the purple.

“Talking about goals has never appealed to me. Because you never know when you will be in full form and when there will be dips. In any case, when a reporter asked me how many goals I wanted to score, I said, ‘well 30.’ I didn’t say I will definitely score 30. To the outside world this message has passed, however, there are still many games ahead and maybe I will be able to reach that number I expected it to be turbulent and it is already clear that it will be so. I will need time to get back in shape, stabilize, since I haven’t played for so long. I’m here to work, try to integrate as soon as possible with everyone, I’m sure everything will improve from game to game. When one comes to Fiorentina from Real Madrid, expectations are high. It’s normal that people expect me to make a difference right away. But I haven’t played for three years and it’s certainly not a surprise that it will take time to recover,” said the Serbian player.

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