Massimiliano Allegri also leaves Angel Di Maria stunned

©Getty Images

The HCL coach’s decision was commented on with amazement at the end of the game

Juve dust-up. In the midst of an Allianz Stadium that blanketed the Bianconeri players with resounding booing at the end of the Champions League match against Benfica, an incident that happened in the center of the pitch did not escape the watchful eye of Prime Video cameras. Angel Di Maria, the Argentine footballer who entered in the 58th minute in place of a stunned Miretti, was caught asking Arkadiusz Milik for ‘explanations’ about the latter’s substitution, which occurred in the 70th minute. The Pole, author up to that moment of a good performance, even topped by the goal-stopper in the 4′, in fact ended the match prematurely, taken over by young Fagioli.

In the images filmed by Prime, Di Maria is seen insistently asking, with a very nervous manner, the former Napoli player why the substitution, accompanying it with emblematic gestures related to the very act of the change. The Pole allegedly responded by spreading his arms wide, without giving a real answer to his teammate. The incident was not subsequently commented on by the protagonists at the microphones of the various accredited television stations, but it quickly made the rounds on the web, depopulating social media. The univocal interpretation, although the conditional is a must, is that of a strong disapproval that the ‘Fideo’ would have expressed on Allegri’s choice to give up, right at the climax of the match, one of the best players on the field up to that moment.

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