Modena knocked out, Attilio Tesser cries scandal

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Attilio Tesser cries scandal: “There was a sacrosanct penalty.”

With today’s defeat against Genoa, Modena cashed in its third consecutive knockout. At the end of the challenge against the Grifone Attilio Tesser had something to say about the refereeing: “The holding. Before I spoke I saw it again on TV. They held back a little bit and then he pulls it down in a flashy way. It’s not about complaining about anything, it’s the first episode where I talk about refereeing. That was an important episode, though, of a possible penalty kick, and we were up 1-0. We start giving them when they are flashy and important like that.”

“Genoa definitely did better in the first part of the match, although we had the sharpest chance with Diaw in front of the goalkeeper. Then we defended neatly and it was a pity that we got a goal in the 44th minute of the first half. We lost the ball and they chastised us as important teams are. The second half was one-sided, Genoa did not create anything. Too bad we didn’t materialize the chances. Then there is the penalty episode that is there and it is sacrosanct.”

“Now there is the break and so you can dilute, work and then start again from Reggina. This group has a solidity from the championship won, the new ones are integrating into the mentality of when you win. I liked the reaction to their goal. In the first half that will to be there and fight ball after ball. I liked the determination with which we played. On other occasions there is the regret that we did it for a piece of the game,” Tesser concluded.

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