Rafael Leao admits he needs to improve

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The words of Rafael Leao

Rafa Leao speaking with Fabrizio Romano for Sport.xyz admitted that he needs to improve in finalization: "I think I can score more goals. To be among the top I have to score and be moreù decisive in front of the goalkeeper”.

Chapter Ibrahimovic "Let’s talk about mentalityà during’training… Things that may seem “small” like ball control and passing: after a dribble maybe I could have made a simple play, but I didn’t. It helped me to be more focused in front of the goal, to shoot well. He helped me on two things: mentality and concentration. He knew that if I was focused during the game I would make a’huge difference. Sometimes I was nervous during the game, he wasn’t and he wouldn’t stop talking to me telling me to stay focused, to keep going and that the goal would come. When you have a teammate like him telling you things like that, it makes you feel comfortable”.

"Have I ever tried to convince someone to come to AC Milan? I was in the national team, I was talking to Cancelo. He played for Inter and he was telling me: “I like Milan, è a nice club. When I played at the stadium against them I could hear the cheering and as a kid I really liked them as a team”. So I told him, “Come” (laughs, ed.). He told me it would be difficult, he was at Manchester City. I tried. The new era at Milan is based on young players with great talent, so… Cancelo è in the “middle”, he would have been perfect".

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