F1, on the Monza GP is still controversy

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F1, on the Monza GP is still controversy

The way the Monza Grand Prix ended turned some people’s noses up, the Safety Car management raised a fuss and is still being talked about today. McLaren’s team principal Andreas Seidl spoke to RTL: “The race management simply applied the existing rules, and that was okay.”

“After the events in Abu Dhabi, there were a lot of discussions between the FIA, F1 and all the teams involved to see how the rules could be changed so that races would never end behind the safety car.”

“The choice came down to us as a team, and we didn’t accept any changes because we couldn’t find a better solution that was also sportingly correct. So I think we have to accept that unfortunately situations like this can happen. In the end we voted for the rules to remain as they are, and as far as I remember every single team voted that way. That’s why I think we should bring this matter to a close,” Seidl concluded.

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