F1, Lewis Hamilton’s jab at Max Verstappen: “There was no respect.”

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F1, Lewis Hamilton’s jab at Max Verstappen: “There was no respect.”

Putting aside the aplomb that has often distinguished him, Lewis Hamilton let loose when talking about his relationship with fellow-rival Max Verstappen: “There is nothing outstanding between us, Max did his homework last year and I have zero problems with him. We are several years apart, probably outside the car there was not that mutual respect. But it can happen, there’s no hard feelings.”

“The eighth Formula 1 world championship is not an obsession, but it’s definitely at the center of my thoughts,” he explained in the ‘Sir Lewis Hamilton’ special interview. “It’s at the top of the pyramid, and the work done at the base this year is aimed at getting up there at the top, there are good things and it shows.

The Red Bull driver firmly leads the drivers’ standings with 335 points, followed by Charles Leclerc at 219 and Sergio Perez at 210. Lewis Hamilton occupies the sixth position with 168 points, the result of six podiums.

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