Juventus, Luca Toni’s jab at Dusan Vlahovic causes discussion

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Toni spoke about the Serbian’s difficult time on the field

Between Juventus and the Serbian national team, Dusan Vlahovic has been dry for five games: a decidedly lackluster roster for a striker who, despite being only 22 years old, had already accustomed insiders to significant scoring averages.

And it is precisely of Vlahovic’s scoring crisis that a great bomber of the recent past, Luca Toni, has spoken, with blunt statements that have already opened the debate among fans. Interviewed by ‘La Gazzetta dello Sport,’ the 2006 world champion was in fact peremptory: “Right now it is not him who drags the team, but he is dragged by it when he plays well while great strikers know how to do the opposite as well.”

“He must be able, in a difficult moment like this, to carry the team on his shoulders,” Toni explained. “A striker who makes the difference is the one who decides the match with a play, even when the team is struggling. The top players are the ones who make you win a game by themselves. Vlahovic is still very young, he has been at Juve for not even a year, he still has to take a few steps but the way to become a great center forward is this: to grow and take the team by the hand.”

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