NBA, James Harden jokes about his diet

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NBA, James Harden jokes about his diet

On the Philadelphia 76ers’ “Media Day,” James Harden appeared at a press conference much drier than he has been the past two NBA seasons.

The US basketball player joked about it, “I lost 100 lbs. Tweet it.” While joking about his appearance, Harden spoke openly about his individual frustration last season: “In the last year and a half I wasn’t healthy enough to work as I’m used to doing. This summer was huge for me in that aspect.”

“Mentally it’s been very difficult, because I’m in love with the game of basketball,” Harden said of the past two seasons. “Even if the money wasn’t there, I would have played basketball. And I think before the injury everyone knew that.

“So it was very difficult. A lot of hard times, a lot of dark times, that I never experienced when I was healthy and playing basketball,” the Sixers guard lamented.

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