Heart attack kills Norberto Bianchi, former Torres

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Farewell to Norberto Bianchi

Tragedy in Sorso, Sardinia, at the Borgo degli Ulivi sports center: former soccer player Norberto Bianchi died of a fulminating heart attack. When he collapsed to the ground, reports the Unione Sarda, teammates immediately rescued him and the ambulance also responded promptly. All attempts to revive the former soccer player, however, unfortunately proved futile.

Bianchi, who was 65 years old, had come to Sassari from Tuscany in the mid-1970s. For him, appearances with Torres as a midfielder, then championships in Alghero, Calangianus, and Castelsardo. He later passed on his great passion for soccer to his son Daniele, a midfielder in Porto Torres and for many seasons in Latte Dolce.

In life Bianchi was a commercial agent and was highly regarded for his good character and helpfulness.

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