End of nightmare for Jose Luis Palomino: acquitted

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End of nightmare for Jose Luis Palomino: acquitted

End of nightmare. Nado Italia’s National Anti-Doping Tribunal has acquitted Atalanta footballer José Luis Palomino, who tested positive for an anabolic in a surprise check last summer, ANSA in football circles has learned.

The Nerazzurri defender had been suspended as a precautionary measure since last July, when he tested positive for Clostebol Metabolita following a test carried out at the Zingonia sports center, and had decided not to settle his two-year disqualification. Gasperini thus regains an important element for his rearguard.

Atalanta returns to the field next Wednesday in the midweek round against Lecce. On Sunday, however, the last challenge before the break, in Bergamo against Simone Inzaghi’s Inter.

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