F1, Brazil: special recognition for Lewis Hamilton

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Lewis Hamilton named honorary citizen of Brazil

On the occasion of the upcoming Brazilian Grand Prix, scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 13, at Interlagos, Lewis Hamilton attended a ceremony, held at the South American state’s Chamber of Deputies, in which he was named an honorary citizen of Brazil.

The seven-time world champion appeared very proud of his recognition and spoke as follows on the sidelines of the event, “Thank you very much to everyone. I am impressed by the love you have shown me all these years. I did not know what to expect from this day, but you all have given me wonderful energy. I would like to thank all the Members who have moved seas and mountains to make this day possible. I love Brazil, I have always loved it, I have incredible memories even before I got there as a Formula 1 driver. The 2021 Grand Prix was one of the most special moments of my life.”

“I want to dedicate this honor to Ayrton Senna, his family and friends. I was five years old when I first saw Ayrton on the track, and that’s when I knew I wanted to be an F1 world champion. As a black driver I am aware of how much progress is needed in Formula 1, but every time I come to Brazil I am so inspired because I see so many people fighting for the same goal. We can achieve great things together,” Hamilton concluded.

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