MotoGp, Ducati, Claudio Domenicali: “In Austria we started to hope”

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Domenicali’s words after Pecco Bagnaia’s title

Claudio Domenicali, managing director of the Borgo Panigale stable, commented on the extraordinary success in the premier class of Pecco Bagnaia, MotoGp 2022 world champion, revealing the turning point during the season.

“It makes us proud to be Italian,” Domenicali began, “I think it’s a beautiful sporting achievement, but it also shows made-in-Italy technology works. Michele Colaninno (Piaggio’s chief executive of global strategy, product, marketing and innovation) also wrote me to tell me that we’re in it for next year. Good to see that Aprilia is there too. It means that despite the problems Italy is a strong country, capable of making industry.”

He then identified the turning point in the season: “In my opinion, in Austria we started to hope. He was coming from a positive series of results, then in Misano he made no mistake. Aragon he was in the lead until the last lap, then it was all a crescendo of hopes and results. We arrived in Valencia with a big lead and we were able to administer Pecco was good.”

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