Next Gen Atp Finals, Francesco Passaro: “I’m going to make my case.”

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Great opportunity for the young Perugian

Among the eight Under-21s who will play in the Next Gen Atp Finals is Passaro. The 2001-class tennis player was featured at Media Day. was also present.

What do you expect from this tournament?
“A year ago I never expected this. I’m looking forward to it. The others have more experience than me, but I will do everything I can to make it count.”

A really super year for her. Growth has been important…
“I had several wild cards that allowed me to play more tournaments. This has definitely helped me in my growth path.”

Compared to others of your generation, you took a different path….
“I made my bones in Challenger tournaments. Everyone has their own path; I have to make my own, without rushing. I want to experience all experiences slowly.”

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