Andrea Mezzanotte draws a comparison between Trent and Brindisi

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Andrea Mezzanotte spoke about his first months in Puglia

Happy Casa Brindisi forward Andrea Mezzanotte, who moved to Puglia in the summer from Trento, spoke about the first months of his new adventure.

“I was used to Trento, where I was for four years. Here it is very different, both in terms of the society and the environment. In the South there is more warmth and I am really comfortable. Then, the club does not make me miss anything, it is well organized and everyone is very nice,” the player told ‘Il Corriere dello Sport – Puglia’.

“The time had come to find new stimuli and Brindisi is the most suitable square for this. Vitucci believes in his players and gives them a lot of freedom. He should be credited with being a coach who trusts the player: this is very nice,” continued the 1998 class.

Finally, a look at the championship: “We are on the right path. In fact, the results were seen against Tortona, in which I think we played a very good game. It is obvious that there is always room for improvement.”

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