Sergio Perez – Max Verstappen: after collision changes everything

©Getty Images

The Mexican doesn’t go for it

The relationship between Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen is set to change after what happened on Sunday in Sao Paulo. Not only did the Dutchman not give up the position to his teammate, but he was also annoyed by the repeated demands coming from the race wall. “I already reported this to you last time,” he thundered from the cockpit, “You guys don’t ask me for something like that again, okay? Have I been clear enough? I have given my reasons and I continue to stand by them.”

“Regarding the situation with Perez, I had already discussed it before we came to Brazil,” the two-time world champion added, to Sky’s microphones. “I had my reasons for doing so. Obviously I understand his disappointment, but the reasons why I didn’t give him the position should also be understood. It’s not the first time this has happened. But it doesn’t matter. Let’s look ahead, and I think it was very important to all sit down together and discuss this. Should my partner need help in Abu Dhabi, I will give it to him.” Perez, however, doesn’t seem much on the idea….

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