Jannik Sinner categorical: “2023 will be a different year.”

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Jannik Sinner will not participate in the Davis Cup

Following his index finger injury, which put him out of action for the Davis Cup quarterfinals against the United States, Jannik Sinner spoke about the upcoming season.

First a thought for his national teammates: “The Davis Cup was very important this year-I played pre-qualifying and the group stage in Bologna to help the team make it all the way to Malaga. This injury was not wanted. Of course I will watch all the matches and cheer albeit from afar for my teammates. We hope to do very well in Spain.”

“2023 will be a different year, now I have a lot of time to prepare as best as I can and then we hope to get off to a good start in Australia right away,” said the 2001 class, in an interview with SuperTennis.

Finally, a review of 2022: “I had a lot of injuries especially when I was playing well. They led me to end the year as number 15 in the world, which I think is still good. I made a lot of changes with the team as well, I think I improved a lot throughout the season. It is difficult but I can be happy.”

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