Formula 1, Red Bull won’t stand for it: the outburst is harsh

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Red Bull’s outburst: “After the Brazilian GP unacceptable events.”

After the issues following the Brazilian GP related to the Verstappen-Perez issue, Red Bull has issued a very harsh statement, in which the Austrian team stresses that it does not tolerate what happened after the grand prix.

“As a team we made some mistakes in Brazil. We did not foresee the situation that occurred on the last lap and had not agreed on a strategy for such a scenario before the race. Unfortunately, he was only informed at the last corner of the request to give up the position without being given all the necessary information. This put Max, who has always been an open and fair team player, in a difficult situation with little time to react, which was not our intention. After the race Max spoke openly and honestly, allowing both drivers to resolve any issues or tensions that were outstanding. The team accepts Max’s reasons, the conversation was a personal matter that will remain private between the team and no further comments will be made,” reads the note released through the team’s official channels.

“The subsequent events, from a social media perspective, are completely unacceptable. The offensive behavior online towards Max, Checo, the Team and their respective families is shocking and sad and unfortunately something we as a sport have to deal with on a depressingly regular basis. There is no place for this in racing or society as a whole and we must do and improve. At the end of the day this is a sport, we are here to race,” the statement continued.

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