Ferrari, Carlos Sainz admission, “Sometimes it’s not easy.”

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An objective difficulty, framed without spin.

Carlos Sainz underscored what being a Ferrari driver entails emotionally and mentally on Friday that opened the weekend of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Formula 1’s final round for 2022. To which, however, came much speculation about the future of the Cavallino, starting with Mattia Binotto’s role and the possibility of his replacement by Frederic Vasseur (who worked with Charles Leclerc back in Alfa Romeo).

“As long as they are only rumors, I won’t talk about all these things,” Sainz told ‘Sky Sport’ clearly, following up on statements he has already made to ‘Corriere della Sera’ regarding Binotto’s possible farewell. “I don’t feel it’s necessary to intervene in matters that perhaps don’t even exist. I am calm and above all I perceive the team calm. We all work together with great unity.”

Sainz admitted, however, that these events affect the climate in the team: “Sometimes it is not easy to work for Ferrari, because it happens to have to deal with rumors like that. But before I got here, everyone told me it would happen. It’s part of being in Ferrari, you have to accept it, get used to it and keep working. You have to keep your head down and not listen to what’s going on around you.”

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