Marcell Jacobs as Kylian Mbappé, the comparison of dt.

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La Torre’s words

National team dt Antonio La Torre, featured on Athletics TV talk, spoke about Marcell Jacobs: “I compare him to Mbappé, because of what he inspires and the way he has of smiling. A couple of years ago this comparison might have seemed irreverent, today it is not, and it is a sign of how much Marcell has entered the collective imagination. His intentions are serious when he says that the world record is on his mind. It is the most important message he has sent to all of us together with his very good coach Paolo Camossi.”

He concludes on Tamberi: “He is training hard, he has an athletic trainer who takes care of the smallest details. Gimbo is a kid who is now starting his career. I’m struck by the charge with which he started off again more motivated than before. He is the outlier who is a little bit above the top.”

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