Daniele De Rossi takes stock of injuries

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Daniele De Rossi takes stock of injuries

On Sunday at 3 p.m. Spal will host Brescia. Daniele De Rossi presented the challenge this way: “Clotet has worked here, he is a coach I respect a lot and I think he knows even better than me some of my players since he has coached them for longer than me. But I live with emphasis, passion and the right tension every match because we must always be the architects of our destiny or rather, of our performance. We have well in mind what we have to do and there is to increase game knowledge to avoid alternating performances, then if the opponent does better and beats us we will shake his hand without any problem.”

The Spal coach then made the count: “Arena is available, Varnier is summoned but will go to the stands because he is not yet 100 percent. Since it is a recurrence for him, it is better to go cautiously so as not to complicate things and lengthen the stop. Almici will not be summoned because he felt a calf soreness yesterday.”

“Brescia has very good players and it is not a coincidence that they are in that position in the standings, they started so well that now they can also accept a downturn from the point of view of results. We have some questions because they have several absences and they could also change the module, I do not exclude it. We have worked on all possible situations but above all we have worked on ourselves,” De Rossi concluded.

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