Andrea Agnelli thunders, “Juve is not a non-profit organization.”

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The president of the Juventus club on the second-team project: “We are not doing it for the national teams, it must allow us to reduce the costs of the first team.”

Juventus president Andrea Agnelli spoke at a round table at Allianz Stadium to discuss the second-team project, which is not taking off in Italy: only the Bianconeri have had a team in Serie C for five years.

“We are not talking about innovation, they have existed in Spain for 60 years. It’s about copying what others do well,” Agnelli explained. “Creating players at home is also sustainability, you don’t invest to buy a player. This allows a path of sustainability for clubs, you give minutes. We talk about Miretti and Fagioli in the national team but it is more useful to talk about the 7/8 players in the Under-20s, permanently, we always talk too much about the elites.”

“A club like Juve is not a non-profit organization, it doesn’t do it for the national teams, an indirect benefit has to come to the national teams,” Agnelli specified. “The second team allows us to reduce the costs of the first team, because the average cost of the first team is drastically reduced. The real economic benefit I have on the costs of the first team, the real saving is there,” are the words reported by Sky.

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