Filippo Volandri defends himself and Jannik Sinner from criticism

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The words of Filippo Volandri

Filippo Volandri returned to talk about the Davis Cup finals: “The choice to play Matteo with Fabio was dictated by the injury to Bolelli, someone I would take on the team until I was 50 years old and who in the quarters in my opinion was the best on the court. Again, I heard that I would have played Matteo on a whim, but only a fool would split Bolelli and Fognini after they were also galvanized by the decisive win against the U.S.”

Chapter Jannik Sinner: “I was sorry to hear criticism of him. I spoke at length with Vagnozzi and Sinner’s blue future is not in question. Jannik made himself available in February in the preliminary despite the fact that he was going through a very difficult period. He had left the historical coach and had all eyes on him. In Bologna he joined right after the painful loss to Alcaraz in New York. To say that he is not attached to the Azzurri jersey is really ungenerous.”

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