F1 Ferrari, Carlos Sainz has no doubts: “2022 the most challenging year”

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Carlos Sainz has no doubts about 2022

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz looked back on his second season at the Maranello-based team, which finished second in the World Constructors’ Championship standings.

The Spanish driver spoke to the official media as follows, according to Marca: “Honestly, I am very proud of the way I recovered from the season, the way I managed to stay motivated, even with all the ups and downs I had, with all the setbacks we had. It’s been a very challenging start to the season defensively, facing challenges that I probably didn’t expect to have.”

“As a team, as an individual, with so many retirements … we still managed to turn the season around and I ended up driving back to the level I know. In that sense, I think it was the year I learned more than 2015, my first year in Formula 1. Then I had more difficult years and easier years, but never a year as challenging as 2022,” Sainz stressed.

“In the first five or six races I was in a position where I was driving the car constantly off the pace and I had to struggle a lot to change some things in my driving, some things in the car, to try to bring it a little bit closer to my taste,” he added.

“I had to stop having some muscle memory in my driving and re-establish the way I was driving a little bit, and it took me a long time. But then, as soon as it happened, I felt I took a big step forward as a driver in my skills, in my development, and I learned a lot,” concluded Charles Leclerc’s stablemate.

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