Federico Pellegrino, second place that counts in the sprint

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Federico Pellegrino second

The usual, immense, Federico Pellegrino conquers a second place of paramount importance in the men’s free technique sprint in Lillehammer, ended as usual with his arms raised by Johannes Klaebo, the dominator of the narrow skis who once again proved to be of another category for success number 52 in the series. Behind the phenomenal Nordic holds on to our champion from Valle d’Aosta, as usual the author of a smart race and forced to give his best since the semifinal when, surrounded by the home army (with as many as four Norwegians in the battery), he found the decisive cue to nab in a split third place, equivalent to the first repechage time.

In the final, Federico had the intelligence to stay in the top positions along the course, which was not particularly wide, and when Klaebo engaged the turbo, he put his competition behind him, controlling the comeback of Even Northug, who finished in third place ahead of Sweden’s Edvin Anger and the two Nordics Paal Golberg and Ansgar Evensen. For Pellegrino, this was podium number 36 in an individual race on the highest circuit, which earned him important points in the overall standings, where he reinforces his third position behind Klaebo and Golberg. Davide Graz had failed to qualify in the morning.

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