Pedrosa and Lorenzo explain Valentino Rossi: “He was making us all nervous.”

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The two former MotoGp riders Jorge Lorenzo and Dani Pedrosa confided in Dazn about Valentino Rossi

Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo in an interview with Dazn returned to talk about Valentino Rossi, highlighting his greatest strengths that allowed him to dominate MotoGp in the 2000s.

“The strategy he used was not always to be the fastest, which was for example my mentality,” Pedrosa explained. His was ‘I go out, and if I can stop him, I stop him.’ He would block you until you got nervous and made mistakes. He used to do it to Casey Stoner, and he did it to me a lot. It took a while to change the strategy.”

Jorge Lorenzo focused mainly on braking technique, which allowed the Doctor to stay in front even if he was not always the fastest: “He would prepare the bike to brake late. He would set up the forks, start braking with the gas again, and he would do it a little later than the others…. For example, at Montmeló in 2009 it was impossible to overtake him under braking because he did it fifteen meters later than the others.”

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