Ducati, Enea Bastianini provokes Marc Marquez: “It’s not that easy.”

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Rimini centaur aims for title: “The goal is the World Championship.”

“The goal remains unchanged, I was leaving to win before and I will leave to win now”: Enea Bastianini certainly does not want to be a spectator in his first year as an official Ducati rider and in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport he warned Pecco Bagnaia.

“For now we laugh about it, the rivalry will be there, that’s right, but we are two very quiet people, I don’t see any problems between us. In Valencia we talked a little bit, exchanging first opinions. But we only did a test together, the information was still not much and we were tired. At the next tests we will better understand how to cooperate.”

Bastianini issued a provocation to Marc Marquez, former ruler of the World Championship: “For many years he was the reference, but in recent years the level has risen, there are more strong riders. He will fight for the title, he will start for it, but it will not be as easy for him as before.”

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