Olimpia Milano, Ettore Messina doesn’t hide: “We all look stupid.”

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Olimpia defeated in Naples: Ettore Messina does not hide

After the defeat suffered on the court of Naples, where the men of newly appointed coach Cesare Pancotto won in the first overtime with a score of 87-81, Olimpia Milano coach Ettore Messina commented on the performance of the meneghina team, which made up for it in the last quarter before succumbing in overtime.

“I congratulate Cesare and the club. They believed in it all the way, even when we had taken some control of the game. They won with merit, helped by a wretched last minute on our part. We fouled on a shot, there was or wasn’t a foul, you don’t jump to contest the shot but you foul first because we had a three-point lead. We made a mistake there, lost the ball on the throw-in. Unfortunately, these are days when you make 2/20 from the field, 15 turnovers, that indicates little lucidity. They believed in it, they were good,” Messina said from the PalaBarbuto press room.

“They are guys who are committed, they always do what they can. Sometimes they succeed, sometimes they don’t. I don’t think there’s any analysis on whether they have badness or not. When you lose like that, you give away a decisive foul, you lose two very important balls, of course we all look stupid. But we take it home, reflect on it and prepare for the next one,” concluded the Red Shoes coach.

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